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Stichting Vervolgingsslachtoffers JAPPENKAMP

Foundation in support of the victims of Japanese concentrationcamps in the Dutch East Indies
and other by Japan occupied territories in South-East Asia.
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Newletter June 2003

Lost all in NEI
forced to pay in NL

Emmy Talsma relates in her book 'Four thousand people and one cow head' ,on camp life and her family’s evacuation to Holland, that back in Holland in 1946, her parents received an intimidating letter from a lawyer about mortgage payments towards an NEI mortgage. The house no longer existed, and it had been 4 years since the father had last received any income. Similar experiences? Tell us about them!

Mission impossible of individual claims
In order to put a stop to IP's nagging, Mrs Borst, the then Health and Sports Minister, promised that individual claims at all times could be put forward. The Government won't invoke the expiring date. As everyone knows, individual claims are only valid if they are supported by documentation and photographs. For the majority of camp victims who lost everything including documents, this is mission impossible.. An official research team( Indische Tegoeden 2) confirmed this after researching documentation in foreign countries: 'The archives do not offer material for the weighing of individual claims concerning goods lost or damaged in the Dutch Indies during the war with Japan.'

SVJ Leaflets
On our web site,, we published a number of articles which are now also available as leaflets.
  1. -The Broad Historical Enquiry – what’s in it for us?
  2. - Was the Treatment of the Victims of Persecution of the Japanese oppressor by the Dutch Government ‘just and fair’?
  3. - The disownment of Constitutional Rights of Dutch nationals by the Dutch government.
  4. - All Victims of Persecution are equal, but some are more unequal than others.
  5. - Allied Compensations: an example to the Dutch Government ?

For those without access to the Internet, we have these leaflets available in a series of 5. You can order the series by paying € 5,- into one of our bank accounts, adding 'leaflets' and of course, your address! Those paying through foreign banks need to add € 10,- to the total amount, in order to meet the rather steep transaction fees charged by the banks. And please, bear in mind that one US dollar does not equal one euro.
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)
What is the difference between JES and SVJ? JES was founded for former camp people. However, in order to widen its financial scope, JES became open for non-campers as well. Although we don’t dispute the lamentable situation of non-campers, campers are by Dutch law defined as victims of persecution (Vervolgingsslachtoffers), e.g. persons captivated and encamped in closed concentration camps, ghettoes and/or jails, according to race or orientation.
SVJ is open solely and exclusively for ‘campers’. Hence our slogan:


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