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Stichting Vervolgingsslachtoffers JAPPENKAMP

Foundation in support of the victims of Japanese concentrationcamps in the Dutch East Indies
and other by Japan occupied territories in South-East Asia.
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15 august 1945 - Broadcast of Emperor Hirohito: Announcing surrender of Japan
After pondering deeply the general trends of the world and the actual conditions obtaining in our empire today, we have decided to effect a settlement of the present situation by resorting to an extraordinary measure. continue reading >>

august 2002 - A-bomb saved millions of people in Asia
On the 6th of August the annual memorial events were taking place in Japan to commemorate the victims of the two very first A-bombs on Hiroshima (6th August 1945) and Nagasaki (9th August 1945). continue reading >>


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nov. 2005 - The day the British Government shamed Japan
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Memorial Web Site
SVJ offers this subsite to everyone who wants to commemorate a lost loved one.
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GURKHAS held prisoner eligible for compensation
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SVJ's first on-line News Letter.
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SVJ is aiming for a
rightful compensation.

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