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Stichting Vervolgingsslachtoffers JAPPENKAMP

Stichting voor de belangen van de slachtoffers van de japanse concentratiekampen in Nederlands-IndiŽ
en andere door Japan bezette gebieden in Zuid-oost AziŽ.
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november 2003

The Canadian THE EXPOSITOR of November 6, 2003
GURKHAS held prisoner eligible for compensation

Gurkha soldiers who fought for Britain in the Second World War and held captive by the Japanese will be eligible for payments equivalent to some $ 22,000 Cdn, the government said Wednesday.
The High Court ruled last year that Gurkhas should be included in the payment scheme for former prisoners of war, and the Ministry of Defence confirmed the sum, which can be claimed by the soldier or a surviving spouse.
The ministry said teams would be established in Kathmandu, Nepal, and New Delhi by February to deal with applications.
Gurkhas began serving Britain in 1815 in India, and with Indian independence in1947 became part of the British army. Nearly 3,600 serve now, and in recent years they have taken part in British operations in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone.

Note: It appears that Britain, as one of the former colonial governments, still today takes her responsibility for what has happened in the past under her reign overseas, following recent news. She takes good care of her subjects, not only of their (foreign) soldiers, but also of their widows, unlike the Dutch government which shows no real compassionate relation with her nationals who have been victim of the Japanese concentrationcamps.

Frits C.Holthuis
Support Group SVJ

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