Maakt werk van een rechtvaardige compensatie
Jappenkamp 1942-1945
Postbus 9103
1180 MC Amstelveen

SVJ Finances

Balance sheet per 31 December 2002

Postbank 1.992,88 Creditors 4.206,87
Saving account 78,41    
ABN Amro 2.589,13    
Saving account 70.507,32    
Sub total 75.167,74    
Debtors 0,00 Active capital 70.960,87
Total 5.167,74   75.167,74

Profit & Loss Account 2002
Expenditure 16.393,94 Donations 83.846,70
    Interest 428,87
    Result 67.881,63

Expenditures in 2001/2002 consist of:
Establishment costs, divertissement, website, promotion ad bindwerk, Secretarial costs, mailings, rent postbox, Chamber of Commerce, Registration, meeting costs etc.

Ir. Jan Harmen Tulner, treasurer

Puzzles - puzzles
You paid your dues and you didn't receive any word from SVJ. How come?
Sometimes we receive payment without any further information about the contributor. In that case it is very difficult for Greta Mosselman to decide where to send the registration form. Do not turn your payment into a puzzle! Clearly state your name and address. If you've not heard from us a month after the date on your bank statement, please get in touch about how and when you paid! Are you paying for more than one person, please add a list of names and addresses. Or either, send a letter with the names and addresses to P.O.Box 9103 - 1180 MC Amstelveen NL. For your second payment or any donations, your registration number(s) will suffice.

Please note that the board has been forced to raise the registration contribution due to the conversion from guilders to euro, the inflation and the considerable expenses that lay ahead. Registration charges are: € 25 for NL per person.

Payments from countries outside EU
It appears that in some countries bank payments are not as simple as in The Netherlands. Besides: it is expensive. A bank commission of € 10 per amount is charged, being ‘our cost’” (please, read YOUR COST). This means that we have to charge € 35 instead of € 25. However, if you pay for more persons in countries outside of the EU, you only need to add 1 x € 10 for bank costs).
Example: you are paying for 4 persons, you can suffice with 4 x € 25 + 1 x € 10.-). Please, bear in mind that 1 US $ does NOT equal 1 euro. At the time of writing € 1,00 = US $ 1.15 . So € 35 = $ 40,25 and € 10 = $ 11.50. (Please, check the actual rate with your bank).

Jan Tulner is busy to find out whether there is an easier and less costly way of paying from countries outside the EU.

Tax deductible
Finance ministry just informed us that the minister agreed to qualify SVJappenkamp as an article 24 foundation. This implies that for contribuants in the Netherlands the SVJ contribution is tax deductible.

No grants for SVJ
Unlike other organizations, SVJ does not receive government grants. The reason is that SVJ only looks after the interests of a specific group: the formerly interned and their next of kin. According to Dutch law only the formerly captured in enclosed camps, ghettoes and jails qualify as Victims of Persecution.
The widow or child of an ex POW, who were not encamped, are also entitled to register their husband or father as a "substitute".

2003 cost estimate
To give you an insight in the extra costs to be expected for 2003 here is an estimate:

Legal advice expenses € 60.000
Lobby and communications € 10.000
Contribution to Legal file costs (vs VWS) € 6.000
Promotion, mailings, printwork € 10.000
Office expenses € 5.000

Make SVJ financially strong
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