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Jappenkamp 1042-1945

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From the editor

Those who are on the Internet have been in touch with us since SVJ opened its website in spring 2002.
However, we are well aware of SVJ contributors who are not on the internet (yet) and find it hard to stay in touch.
The board feels all contributors are entitled to news from SVJappenkamp. So, notwithstanding the considerable expenses for printing, handling and postal costs, we decided to also keep in touch by means of a Newsletter in print, to be issued twice per annum.
We proudly present our first Newsletter on our beautiful new website, also, in order to keep you up to date about our activities and progress.

Who are we, what are we doing, what have we achieved so far?

Board change
At the start of this year, SVJ's co-founder and first chairman Henk Rasch (ex camp Si Rengo Rengo, Sumatra) put down the hammer. The work for a growing organization became too much for a person his age. After two years of hard preliminary work Henk was not able to continue his presidency, anymore.

Current board
Jan de Jong (a.o. camps Grogol and Baros, Western Java), former secretary, has taken over the chair. Jan de Jong is seconded by the treasurer
Jan Harmen Tulner (Tjideng and Struyswijk Jail in Batavia/Jakarta), who budgets for SVJ even more carefully than for his own household. Like Jan de Jong, Jan Harmen has been a member of the board from the start in July 2001.
Lilian Sluijter (camp Ambarawa VI, Central Java) is now secretary general. She joined SVJ beginning of 2001 as a member of the Support Group, in which she took care of historical and legal research. Moreover she has produced a good part of the content of (a selection of her articles is now also available on paper, see next page for details on how to order). She also takes care of promotional leaflets and folders and is the editor of this Newsletter. Lilian is assisted by
Greta Mosselman, who has been with SVJ from the start. Greta manages the administration. On top, she processes and e-mails hundreds of letters every month. Don't ask me how she fixes it, but she does.

Support Group
The SVJ board is supported by the SVJ Support Group.
Frits Holthuis (a.o. Si Rengo Rengo, Sumatra), is our web master. He takes care of the technical side of the website. He is your primary contact through Several among our contributors will undoubtedly know Frits Holthuis. He is also the treasurer/secretary of the Oostkust Sumatra Instituut.
Frits is assisted by
Carla Hester (her mother and two elder sisters ex Tjideng), who designed and built our beautiful new website which you are visiting now. Carla takes care of its complex technical maintenance all the way from California ( She communicates with Frits in Internet language that only the two of them seem to be able to understand. Carla's site is linked to SVJ's and vice versa. And if you are living abroad, don't miss her Hollandring (, which is packed with interesting data on Holland and things Dutch.
Bart van der Woerd (camp Bantjeu, Tjihapit, Campong Macassar) is SVJ consultant and main contact for the "Indische" organizations in the Eastern part of the Netherlands, in order to canvass contributors. Bart is also a member of The Teachers Group, an association which offers lessons at schools about the Second World War in South East Asia.
Paul Horsman (Brastagi, Pulu Brajan, Glugur, Si Rengo Rengo) canvasses in the Western urban region and on golf courses. We hope to be able to welcome another canvassing consultant in the North of the Netherlands, soon.
Is there anybody out there who is willing and able to canvass for SVJ in where ever country you have settled?

SVJ contribution 2003
Due to the change from guilders to euros, inflation and rising costs, the board had to decide to fix the 2003 registration fee at € 25,-. Those paying through foreign banks outside the EU need to add another € 10,- to the € 25, in order to meet the rather steep transaction fees (‘our costs’ meaning YOUR costs) charged by foreign banks outside the EURO countries.

So, if you are paying from a country outside the EURO Region, please, note that the fee is € 35 in total. However, if you are paying for more persons at one go you only need to add 1 x € 10 for your costs. An exampel: if you pay for 4 persons the amount is: 4 x € 25 + 1 x € 10.
In that case, please, don’t forget to mention the names. Better still: send a letter to Greta Mosselman by email or snail mail with the names and addresses of the persons you paid for.
Jan Harmen Tulner is figuring out whether it is possible to pay through †the Internet †in order to make payment faster and simpler, and hopefully, cheaper.
Please note that the US dollar does NOT equal the EURO, nowadays. Consequently € 35 equals $ 40.25.

How are we proceeding?
News letters and mailings are expensive. Yet the Board decided to take some money out in order to be able to inform you of the proceedings by Newsletter. What have we been doing these past 18 months? When will SVJ put forward its claim to the court? You can read up on it in our President's letter >> click here.

Welcome to EJOS and Tempo Dulu
We are pleased to announce that New Zealand's EJOS has decided to join up with us, bringing a few hundred members. Israel's Tempo Dulu Group, is also considering entering a partnership with SVJ. A warm welcome to our faraway fellow victims!

Make SVJ financially strong
with a second contribution